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About QAD

QAD Enterprise Applications is a complete suite of software designed to support all the key processes of global manufacturers. The software is in use at over 4,000 sites worldwide. QAD Enterprise Applications enables measurement and control of all key business processes, and embraces best practices to support companies, whether in a single plant or across an entire global organization.

QAD and Manufacturing

QAD delivers solutions that focus on the specific needs of manufacturing companies. QAD develops products and services to address manufacturer’s issues and needs by working collaboratively with leading global manufacturers and industry bodies, and through extensive and ongoing research.
Our industry focus and expertise allows QAD to deliver solutions tailored to the unique needs of automotive, consumer products, food & beverage, high tech, industrial and life sciences manufacturers.

QAD Enterprise Applications Key Benefits

Business processes supporting best practice:
Built to support best-in-class business processes—easily visible using QAD Process Maps—and changeable to match each company's unique processes.
Designed for global multinationals:
Built-in support for local languages, currencies, business practices and legal requirements.
Deployment flexibility:
Meets the needs of any manufacturing organization with cloud, on premise or blended deployment options.
Quick implementation:
QAD Easy On-Boarding provides fast, effective implementation.
Ease of use:
Easy to use, quick to implement and intuitive to learn

Why DEVOIR?????
ERP is considered one of several means to improve business outcomes.why you need it.

Benefits Received by QAD Customer

Reduced inventories to 30day supply
Designed Reduced order entry personnel by 35%
Improved on time shipments - 3 weeks to 1week
Achieved SOX certification within 6 weeks of implementation
Reduced employee turnover
Reduce from inventory$50M to $40M
Improve forecast accuracyto 90%