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ORION11S is a modern ERP for small businesses. This pre-configured, ready-to-use solution is specifically designed to handle the unique needs of the Trading & Manufacturing industry.

ORION Administrative Services (OAS) offers a unique, yet cost-effective solution by becoming the IT-wing for the Customer ORION. This ensures that the Customer can focus on the other core areas of their business processes.

Key Benefits

  • Stop re-inventing the wheel - It’s pre-configured
  • Get Set Go - It’s ready-to-deploy
  • Get the bang for your buck - It’s cost-effective
  • Get rid of maintenance hassles - With a single server.

What makes ORION different?

ORION11S is a fully integrated multi-user, enterprise solution that delivers powerful functionalities you need to gain a sustainable and competitive advantage. Through seamless interaction between modules, ORION11S enables sharper decision-making and facilitates greater control over business processes – in the most cost-effective manner.

Experience ORION Like Never Before

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ORION 360 degree
It is equipped with a dashboard that lets you drill down 360 degree. Glean detailed information about suppliers, customers, product & accounts with multi-level drill downs.

Access management cockpit in a quick glance and stay on top of your game with an executive dashboard. It’s attuned to your needs and displays complete work flow in a single screen.

VAT Ready
It comes with pre-configured VAT transactions & reports that ensure simplified tax compliance.

Multi-currency & Multi-browser Support
It is multi-currency & multi-browser friendly! You can choose any currency you want and work with a host of browsers such as Google Chrome & Firefox.